60/30/10 Color Theory


Color Theory

Borrowing techniques from other forms of design is a great practice for getting yourself to think outside of the box! To fashion design and interior design especially, the 60/30/10 color palette theory is one of the basic rules to having a harmonies end result.

What is 60/30/10? It’s a simple color formula using a foundation of 60% subtle hue to set the mood of the project while 30% will be a more moderate tone for creating personality and to hold the attention. The last 10% will be the accent color, adding a jolt of excitement to the piece.

John Solimine Poster

The Fitz and The Tantrums Poster by John Solimine is a great example of this particular color theory. Notice how the base color is a mellow grey rather than starch white, giving it a warmer feeling automatically. Using turquoise as the secondary color not only livens up the poster but also is cohesive with the retro style illustration. For the accent color Solimine appropriately chooses a complimentary tangerine orange highlighting smaller aspects of the poster.

So remember, 60 for mood, 30 for personality, and 10 for complimenting and highlighting!

Enjoy mixing and matching on your next project and don’t be scared to take a risk and go off the edge with color. It’s what breathes life into our designs! Embrace it and have fun with it!

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