In another time, in another life...


Old Pictures

In celebration of 2012 we're taking a look into the past rather than the future. Peeking into someone else's life in another time. What did they imagine 2012 to bring?

I found these old photos at a yard sale in Pennsylvania. It's the best place to find vintage images stretching the decades. My favorite is the top picture of a young lady playing wheelbarrow with her dog. I guess this is what they did instead of updating blogs or adding new movies to their Netflix Queue.

These were simpler days. I imagine people will find our photos in 2087 and saying the same thing about 2012.

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To: Daddy
From: Lauren


Daddy Design

This year for Christmas my Dad asked for either gold toe socks or something made from the heart. With no luck finding the perfect store bought gift and only days to spare I decided to design a piece specially created for my Daddy!

Using a mix of Arts & Crafts and Spanish flare I took my inspiration from my Dad's love of Frank Lloyd Wright and Spain. I also added a touch of humor by adding "est. 1953" at the bottom of the design for his birth year.

Needless to say he loved it!

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